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"We are data-driven storytellers. We incentivise and express the transition to sustainability." 

Our products combine 

the accuracy of data analytics with the creativity of gaming engines and 3-d animation  to incentivise climate action  

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 • OR:BITAL BLOOM is a digital plantoid being which responds to sustainability data and corporate adherence to environmental targets.

• Engages diverse stakeholders (customers, employees, and the public) in tracking businesses’ sustainability targets in real time, and encourages emotional engagement with tackling the climate crisis.

Goes beyond infographics and dashboards to create dynamic sensory experiences in both the digital and physical worlds, incentivising sustainability and care for our planetary future.

Aims to become a global virtual garden, making progress accessible as companies and organisations go greener.

•OR:BITAL BLOOM was named a highly commended project by the Terra Carta Design Lab

•We have appeared in Wallpaper Magazine, Dezeen, and Design Week.

orbital bloom, or:bital bloom
Ameera Kawash, Dario Srbic, Shira Wachsman

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