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Orbital Bloom™ is a graphics platform that expresses and incentivises the sustainability of buildings and places.

We combine interactive storytelling and data processing to make sustainability data emotionally engaging and accessible to wide audiences.

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40% of global carbon emissions come from buildings.

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Data dashboards monitor energy usage effectively but fail to capture widespread attention and change.

Orbital Bloom aims to engage communities and individuals in the greening of cities and places.

By blending art, technology, and nature-inspired design we help people understand and care about the carbon emissions of buildings, while improving the experience of building users indoors.


Orbital Bloom is powered by creative tech

Real-time Data

Premium Graphics

Biophilic Media 

Gamified Features

Collaborative Challenges

Restorative & Place-based Tech

AI Chatbots & Characters


Orbital Bloom offers bespoke artworks for buildings and businesses.


Orbital Bloom is co-developing a graphics app for individual homes.


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Orbital Bloom showcased artwork at the Coronation Concert

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