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Orbital Bloom

© Orbital Bloom, 2023 

ORBITAL BLOOM is a data-driven artwork
that enables the transformation of buildings 
into sustainable ecosystems.

We make data accessible, transparent, and emotionally engaging to wide audiences, giving communities new tools to understand their impact on the environment and build sustainable futures.

ORBITAL BLOOM is a smart artwork designed with principles of ethical automation. It is a symbiotic  ecology between the human built environment and the digital environment.  

 Unlike dashboards and infographics, we use digital art strategies to engage the senses and foster care and hope in meeting sustainability goals. By engaging with our product, viewers can easily understand a building's sustainability journey through the health and growth of its virtual garden. 

We combine the power of digital arts,
data capture, and computing
to accurately express 
and incentivize low-carbon lifestyles.

© Orbital Bloom, 2023 

We want to make
energy transitions 

sensory, accessible,

and actionable.

One building and
one virtual bloom at a time. 


© Orbital Bloom, 2023 

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at

ORBITAL BLOOM was named a highly commended project by the Terra Carta Design Lab, launched by King Charles, the Sustainability Markets Initiative, and the RCA


Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 16.57.42.png

 • ORBITAL BLOOM is part of the incubator at InnovationRCA

• ORBITAL BLOOM  has appeared in

Wallpaper Magazine,
Dezeen, and Design Week.

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